DIY Home Remedies for Pest Control

Practice Regular Habits:

These are the normal day to day activities which a homemaker should consider in the daily routine chores. Sweeping, Cleaning, mopping the floors every day and keeping clean the kitchen platform is unavoidable. You should use some detergent of floor cleaners while cleaning the surface. Bathroom and kitchen are the places from where stinky smells come. You should take care of unwashed plates, dust bins and dishes in the sink.

A regular check for the drainage systems and pipes and taps is required. This can prevent ants, fleas, mice, rats, and cockroach infestation to a great extent. To control roaches and other bugs it is better to clean every corner of the room on a regular basis. Sofa sets, bed and other furniture including cushions, pillows, and mattresses should be taken care of to ensure no bugs. A clean and tidy home can give you a safe and hygienic life.

Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service

Keeping The Ants Away:

Ants issue is very common in every home. You can follow a good manual technique to keep the ants away from your home and kitchen. Ants are generally allergic to coffee smell. You can put coffee all around your doors and the windows to discourage their coming. Also, we can Sprinkle soapy water on the ants. Keeping mint tea leaves can work as well. Hence if the ant menace is vast then you can use some kerosene oil over the ants to remove them instantly.

Keep The Fruit Flies Away:

Fruit flies come if you keep fruits in the kitchen. To discourage them to come you can keep some apple cider vinegar on a jar. Keeps the jar on an open place in your kitchen near the fruits covering the mouth of the jar with thin transparent cellophane paper? Poke some holes in the cellophane cover with the help of a toothpick. You can use some mushy soft fruits instead of apple cider vinegar. Now you can see the fruit flies will be trapped inside the jar attracted by the sweet smell of the fruits inside. Once they fall into the jar they will be unable to come out from the bowl. They will not come to the other places in the home and kitchen.

Thus there are many more tips and tricks those the homemaker can try in their regular household chores to avoid the pest infestation. But these manual tricks cannot make your home and kitchen pest free from the root. These are the temporary process which can be followed to maintain a clean home environment after a Professional Pest Control in Canberra.

Expert Pest Control
Expert Pest Control

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