How to get rid of termites effectively

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Termites are known as the small, pale soft-bodied insect that resides in bulk colonies with numerous different varieties, basically within the moist and cool area. Many varieties of termites feed on wood and can damage the trees as well as timber. According to scientific research, a single termite queen can produce 20,000-30,000 eggs in a day. Each pest has different behaviors and has different preferences in food, and also has so many remedies that will be effective in keeping them out of your home. The life-span of the termite queen is about 45 years. This can damage your buildings and materials severely.

Attack of termites

  • Termites severely cause a loss of billions of rupees each year.
  • Cardboard, plywood, old paper store and other items that are made of wood.
  • Shrubs, Trees, plaster, wooden furniture.
  • Wooden ceiling, walls, wooden floors of buildings, Wire of electricity fitting.

Inspection of termites

Termites Control Services Sydney
Termites Control Services Sydney
  • Search on wooden materials, cupboards, basements through flashlight.
  • Wings of termites are the evidence that clarifies that termites are present to that area.
  • Check through screwdriver on a cupboard or wooden material.
  • Nest of termites on trees, wooden materials, walls are clear evidence for termite.


Termite Control

Termite Control by Homeowner

  • One of the way to control termites is to reduce possible termite food sources like woodpiles, moisture sources etc. Repairing of roof leaks are essential to eradicate It is a vital step in controlling an existing infestation also.
  • It is vital to maintain trees and shrubs because there are many cases when shrubs and trees are the main reason through which termites breed on your properties. So, this is the reason to maintain trees and shrubs. Dead branches should be removed to keep the trees healthy.

Bait treatment Method

It is more successful method and eco-friendly too. It involves placing stakes containing wood beneath the ground and in common indication area. It involves a substance along with other materials like food and paper to attract the termites. Once the termites are detected, the baits are put to those places so that the termites can be destroyed. This is an effective method to kick out termites from home and other areas.

Termites Bait Treatment Method Sydney
Termites Bait Treatment Method Sydney

Professional termite exterminator

Termites feed on cellulose and create extensive families. It is advisable to prevent termites from attacking your house. This can be done by adopting right preventative methods. Termite pest control companies need to have requisite skilled and trained professional staff. Specialized equipment and machines must be used by the professionals to avoid any miss happening. Pumps, Masonry drills and soil treatment rods are used for eradicating termites. Only experts will have the knowledge how to use these equipment.

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