Non-Toxic Pest Control Services

We have seen many pest control businesses using the term “non-toxic” to secure sale of their service. Most people are in a frantic state of mind when they call professional pest control as they want to get rid of infestations as soon as possible. They don’t understand terminology of pest control and many notorious companies use this to their advantage. They will tell people anything they want to hear to make them hire their pest control services. And most of the times, customers will believe everything without any hesitation.

The truth is, ALL insecticides, pesticides, dusts, and sprays are toxic! If something can eradicate thousands of pests, there is no reason to believe it can’t harm you at all. What really matters is the level of toxicity in the chemical being used for Best Pest Control in Brisbane.

Pest Control Service
Pest Control Service

Quality Clean uses an odourless and minimal toxic pesticide which is synthetically created to act like herbal insecticides such as Pyrethrum. Pets and children are most vulnerable to side-effects of pest control treatments as they don’t understand what to touch and what to avoid. So as a precaution, our experts ask you to keep them outdoors for a few hours. We also advise you to take extra precaution to not let children put anything in their mouth that they are not supposed to.

Cats and dogs are much less of a problem to deal with. However, we request you to inform us in advance if you own birds, fishes, or any reptile as pets. Carrying out pest control service in proximity to these pets requires special measures to protect and safeguard their health against toxic chemicals.

Natural and Eco-friendly Pest Control Services

Outdated pest control companies use poisonous chemicals which have been proved as lethal to children, pets, and even adults. These pesticides have the latent to cause allergic reactions, affect functioning of brain, create disorder in hormones, and even cause cancer.

This is where Quality Clean differs from other pest control services. Our experts have carried out extensive field researches to determine most organic and environmental-friendly chemical for natural pest control treatment. As we said before, there is no such thing as 100% non-toxic chemical. However, our technicians use chemicals that are 95% less poisonous than commercial pesticides, yet twice as effective.

Quality Clean natural pest control treatment is backed with hundreds of testimonials from our previous customers. The safety of your family and pets is our top priority; both from pests, and the chemicals used to kill them. Our experts use least toxic pesticides that are synthetically produced to imitate effects of natural pest treatments. This also makes our product less harmful towards environment.

We aim to provide effective pest control services while ensuring safety of both humans and pets. Our first course of action always includes the use of diatomaceous earth, essential natural oils, boric acid power, and herbal pyrethrum. You can be certain that Quality Clean will provide long lasting pest removal services at most reasonable prices, while risking neither your family nor our planet.

Expert Pest Control
Expert Pest Control

Quality Clean Pest Control Services

Quality Clean is a well-known name in the pest control industry for sustainable pest removal services and the quality of treatment offered. Our expert technicians can handle all kind of pest infestations in both commercial and residential premises. Our treatments are effective, yet simple and quick. We also offer discounts on yearly pest treatment packages. Get in touch with us or fill out the small contact form on your right to get more information about our pest removal services. We provide 24*7 emergency treatments all over Brisbane, Sydney, and nearby areas

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